Wassily Kandinsky

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WHO: Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky was born in  Moscow in 1866. He didn’t start studying art until he was 30 years old! He went to an art school in Munich, Germany. He liked the way Claude Monet painted. When he was in school he studied the human body. His early paintings were realistic… they looked like something would in real life. (no green monkeys or crazy shapes)

Kandinsky, The Blue Rider, 1903

WHO: Wassily Kandinsky

WHAT: The Blue Rider

WHEN: 1903

Later Kandinsky started painting in an abstract style. He liked expressing his feelings through the colors and shapes he painted.  He felt that triangles were mean and loud and that squares were nice and peaceful… weird. His paintings no longer had anything that you could identify… just a bunch of color and shapes. He also played classical music while he painted too.


WHO: Wassily Kandinsky

WHAT: On White II

WHEN: 1923


WHO: Wassily Kandinsky

WHAT: Composition VI

WHEN: 1923

Even though there is no subject… it’s like looking at the clouds and finding a dragon shape or whatever. In On White II I see a blue PacMan face and a clock. In Composition VI I see a toucan, a funny looking bird, and a long neck dinosaur. What can you see?


WHO: Wassily Kandinsky

WHAT: Squares with Concentric Circles

WHEN: 1913

Concentric circles all have the same center and fit inside each other. Here is a cool craft project that your whole family can do. To learn how to make your own circle painting like Kandinsky click here.

I also found a video clip of the real Wassily Kandinsky painting on YouTube!