Salvador Dali


WHAT: Salvador Dali with Ocelot and Cane

WHEN: 1965

Salvador Dali was a strange man… just looking at the picture above tells you this. He was born in Catalonia, Spain in 1904… wait, I need to show you one more photograph, this one is just so weird!


WHO: Salvador Dali in water with flowers in his mustache

WHEN: I cannot find a date for this crazy pic

Anyways, he started taking art classes when he was 12. Later in 1922 he went to Madrid, Spain to study art at the Academy. Dali started to dress weird and paint in his own way. He thought he was better than everyone else and soon got kicked out of the Academy. Dali began to paint in a new style called Surrealism. Surrealism is a style of painting where nothing makes sence or goes together, it’s all made up like dreams. In 1926 he went to Paris and met one of favorite artists, Pablo Picasso.  This is around the time he started to grow the long skinny mustache. In 1931, he painted one of his most famous paintings. It is called the Persistence of  Memory and it looks like a bunch of melting clocks.


WHO: Salvador Dali

WHAT: The Persistance of Memory

WHEN: 1931

In 1948 Dali worked with a photographer named Philippe Halsman on one of the craziest pics. It is named Dali Atomicus.  In the picture there are 3 cats that look like they are flying and water that looks like it is thrown from a bucket. Salvador Dali is the guy in the picture that looks like he is floating.


WHO: Salvador Dali & Philippe Halsman

WHAT: Dali Atomicus

WHEN: 1948

Salvador Dali painted, made sculptures, movies, and photographs. Believe it or not, he worked with Walt Disney (as in Disney Land, Disney)! Check out the video below: