Modern Art


WHO: Natalia Goncharova

WHAT: Rayonism, Blue Green Forest

WHEN: 1913

Modern Art is art from the 1860s up until the 1960’s and 70’s.

During this time artists felt free to paint or create whatever they wanted and experiment more than they ever had before. They broke the rules… even painting outside the canvas frame if they wanted to. Some artists put their sculptures on different things instead of the boring old pedestals. They were inspired by real life, stuff they saw every day, and news of the time, not what happened in the past. Instead of painting just a plain picture of a sailboat or person, artists had a new style and way of seeing things that people were not used to. Artists began painting in certain ways to get the viewer to feel what they wanted them to feel… happy, sad, scared, whatever…

So how does the painting above make you feel? It is by Natalia Goncharova and is called Rayonism, Blue Green Forest. It makes me feel like I am lost… running through the forest trying to find a way out.

Also, check out this is a really cool interactive site from the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). One of the artists I blogged about, Picasso, has a painting in the game:  Destination Modern Art